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Therapearl Back Compress

Therapearl Back Compress

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Therapearl Back Hot and Cold Bag - Therapeutic Gel Microsphere Bag 

Wouldn't you like to treat pain in a simple and more effective way ?

TheraPearl combines the healing power of cryotherapy and thermotherapy in one product. It allows you to effectively relieve daily aches and pains and enjoy the benefits of microspheres, which adapt to your body. Content:

+ Gel bag with back band


+ Focuses on mitigating pain caused by sports injuries
+ Relieves everyday aches and pains
+ Maintain flexibility of stiff knee joints
+ Contributes to curing chronic conditions
+ Speeds up recovery after surgery

Reusable therapeutic bag to apply cold and heat to soothe common aches and pains, inflammations and bruises. The bags are designed to maintain the appropriate temperature for treatment for approx. 20 minutes.

Instructions: To apply cold: leave in the freezer for 2 hours. To apply heat: place in the microwave as indicated on the package. Do not heat excessively.

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