¿Qué tenis Hoka One One son para ti?

Which Hoka One One sneakers are for you?

HOKA ONE ONE , the French brand, a specialist in runners since 2010, has designed a midsole with an EVA foam structure that guarantees the consistency of cushioning throughout the life of the tennis shoe and increases its longevity and rebound.

HOKA ONE ONE is a shoe for all types of runners, from elite athletes looking to improve their performance to amateur runners, whether on trail or asphalt.

With HOKA ONE ONE your foot sits deep in the midsole, rather than on top of it. This means special stability, valid and recommended for all types of runners. All this regardless of the limitations, or the weight of the additional support material.

Thanks to this technology, it provides integrated stability and complete adaptability to a wide range of feet and running styles.


Do you run on pavement? The Clifton 6 will make you enjoy every second of it.

It is a lighter, more comfortable and functional tennis shoe. Thanks to the famous geometric design of the HOKA One One ® midsole, the Clifton 6 guarantees uniform cushioning during your training and competitions. The cushioning will protect your knees and back from impact during your run. Its high-abrasion rubber placed in key areas helps reduce the weight of the tennis shoe.

Inspired by the gentle waves of the world famous Rincon surf spot, this shoe is the best contender in its class. Named "Editor's Choice" by Runner's World. The Rincon packs incredible cushioning into an extremely lightweight shoe for a soft, weightless feel while you run. Featuring an asymmetrical upper design and a stripped profile, these shoes give you a quick boost that's ready for training sessions or race day.

Known for its incredible cushioning-to-weight ratio, it has a dual-density PROFLY™ midsole that provides maximum cushioning plus a durable, super-responsive ride.

It features a breathable mesh upper designed for a comfortable fit. Ideal for competitions. With the Mach you will achieve a fast pace to break barriers on the track and on the street.


(All Terrain): new version even more versatile

In its fifth iteration, the Challenger ATR builds on its reputation for versatility.

Its biggest change comes in the location of the studs (lugs), which are now closer to the heel for a smoother and more uniform ride, and have a wider extension in the forefoot to help with grip on the trail. and in humid conditions.


Tennis for footstep correction. Designed to provide cushioning and stability, the Arahi 3 is supportive with every step.

The Arahi 3 uses HOKA J-Frame technology, which provides firmer density foam on the inside of your foot and throughout the heel for support where you need it. Guide your foot without the use of a post, the upper is light and breathable.

HOKA ONE ONE is recognized in many countries for its comfort and lightness since we put at your disposal the running tool that will make you improve every day in this practice that you are so passionate about.

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En que tiendas deportivas se pueden conseguir esta marca de tenis?

silvia monica mendez duran

Buenos días!! Es PO primera vez que leo la información con respecto a esta marca de tenis, me parecen excelentes, porque se cuenta para cada especialidad, espero pronto tener la oportunidad de utilizarlos.

Ligia Rodriguez Guerrero

Me dedico actualmente a la marcha olímpica, cuál de sus modelos sería el más adecuado para ésta mi nueva actividad deportiva ? Agradeceré sus comentarios. Saludos.

Aníbal Cabral

Hola, despues de leer las bondades del calzado, ahora la idea es probarlo. Por lo quisiera saber donde se adquiere en Venezuela. O si solo se puede adquirir fuera del pais. Gracias!!

Jose Torres

Hola, buenas tardes.
Quisiera saber si la marca tiene algún centro especializado para detectar el tipo de pisada y saber que calzado me conviene más; tengo dudas, pues mi pisada no es totalmente PRONADORA, sin embargo desgasto el calzado de la parte externa del talón y los dedos gordos tienden a hacer callos por apoyar mucho el peso en ellos.
Me interesa saber del modelo Arahi 3 y del Challenger ATR.
Espero me puedan ayudar con mis dudas para escoger el mejor tennis para mí.

Muchas gracias.

Fernando Márquez L.

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