¿Qué es el estilo athleirsure  y por qué es tendencia?

What is athleirsure style and why is it trending?

Athleisure style is a term that is becoming a trend and is changing the rules of sports fashion . The secret of this fashion style is that it invites you to wear more comfortable, sporty clothes, but at the same time beautiful, modern and stylish.

athleisure sports fashion
The term “athleisure” is derived from the two English words that make it up: athletic and leisure . In reality their meanings are completely opposite, but through this union built by the fashion industry, a new way of understanding sports aesthetics has been born.

athleisure sports fashion

Now it is trendy to go to work or have coffee with your friends wearing sports t-shirts and leggings . There is no longer any reason to feel guilty or “fat” when you walk down the street with your favorite hat, a sweatshirt, and the most comfortable sneakers in your collection.

athleisure sports fashion

The athleisure style goes beyond wearing sneakers everywhere, its objective is to raise the level of sports style to create a look that is sporty and sophisticated at the same time.

The athleisure wave is here to stay and if there is a star garment within this style, it is leggings .

athleisure sports fashion

Leggings are the new “jeans”, if you combine them with tops or tie a shirt around your waist it will be great.

Dare to wear the athleisure style this fall winter. You just need to combine your sports wardrobe and your usual outfit, incorporate accessories to your look such as accessories or a modern jacket. Can you imagine combining a blouse with leggings , or a t-shirt with jeans?

Take a look at our sports collection and be part of the trend.

athleisure sports fashion

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