Ejercicios para usar chalecos con peso

Exercises to use weighted vests

The weighted vest is one of these training tools that could bring about some benefits in an area of ​​performance.

Resistance training can be described as any exercise that results in muscle contraction against an external load. If the external load is increased, the force acting against it must also increase. By adding additional weight through an exercise vest to body weight such as squats, lunges, push ups and pull-ups, your muscles have to produce more force than if you were to exercise with weights.

Over a period of time, muscles and bones adapt and grow in size and strength in order to meet physical demands .

In 2006 , one particular study published in the "Journal of Athletic Training" evaluated a group of athletes on different warm-up routines, static and dynamic stretching without a weighted vest, and dynamic warm-up. with a weighted vest. The results showed that wearing an added weight vest during a dynamic warm-up with 2 percent of body weight can immediately increase vertical jump and longitudinal jump height performance.

Weighted vests offer additional external force on your body when exercising similar to weights or other resistant objects. Over a period , weighted vest training will cause musculoskeletal adaptations similar to other modalities, such as increased muscle strength, increased bone mineral density, and increased performance in explosive movements such as the vertical jump. and long jump. When exercising with a vest, you may increase caloric expenditure due to the greater amount of work performed in a given session.

Exercises for extra weight functional vests:

  • Climb stairs: with the help of this practice little by little you will see the results. Going up and down stairs in small states quickly contributes to improving the routine, even when it no longer represents a challenge, you can start climbing the stairs two at a time.
  • Jumping: properly bending your knees, and jumping with your feet together as high as you can, is another practice with which you can raise the level of the routine. However, you must make sure to land very delicately, bending your legs, to avoid injury.
  • Bulgarian Lunges: These exercises consist of placing one foot forward and the other behind on a chair or bench. The leg that is in front should be flexed until the thigh is parallel to the floor. 10 repetitions should be done for each leg.
  • Push Ups : There is the possibility of obtaining the benefits discussed above, it is through push-ups, because the vest adds an entertaining element of variation to the workout.
  • Technical exercises : In addition to being applied to your own exercise routine, the functional weighted vest has been designed to be applied to technical routines and characteristics of other sports. It can also be used with the use of dumbbells or kettlebells, in this way the weight is distributed across the trunk without causing any type of overload.

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