Deportistas que ganaron la lucha contra el cáncer de mama

Athletes who won the fight against breast cancer

We are in the month that commemorates the fight against Breast Cancer, which is celebrated throughout the world, contributing to increasing the attention and support provided to awareness, early detection, treatment and palliative care.

This October 19 we want to commemorate sports figures who have demonstrated their tenacity and courage to fight against the most common cancer in women.

Below we present athletes who have defeated breast cancer:

1. Jen Hanks

The American Jen Hanks is a mountain biker who traveled to compete in Chile in September 2016 and remembers that five years ago, around that same time, she was diagnosed with second-degree breast cancer. In May 2016 he successfully completed his treatment and his story is an example in the United States.

2. Karen Newman

American triathlete Karen Newman was with her country at the 2001 World Cup, where she placed tenth. In 2008, at 46 years old, he learned that he had cancer and immediately began chemotherapy, without abandoning the competition. He was even with the United States in the Senior World Cup in Cozumel (Mexico) in 2016.

3. Novlene Williams-Mills

Jamaican Novlene Williams-Mills, a three-time Olympic winner in the 4x400, was diagnosed in July 2012, before the Games in London. Few people knew about her condition and she competed and stood on the podium.

4. Edna Campbell

The American Edna Campbell was another of the basketball players who defeated cancer in full competition. Diagnosed in 2002, she remained in the WNBA and even received the Kim Perrot award for most athletic player in 2003. Now, after retiring in 2006, he is an activist against the evil he suffered.

5. Anita Paris

She is a female futsal player in Spain who suffered from this disease at the age of 18 and did not let breast cancer defeat her. After three years of treatment, he has a career as a professional athlete.

6. Natasha Lopez

The story of the Spanish marathon runner moved everyone, seeing the progress and optimism of the athlete. In 2016, when she was still fighting breast cancer, she was second in the Women's Race in Spain, which she had won in 2015, when the disease was detected.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), current knowledge about the causes of breast cancer is insufficient, so early detection remains the cornerstone of the fight against this disease.

When detected early, a proper diagnosis is established and treatment is available, the chances of cure are high. On the other hand, when it is detected late it is rare that curative treatment can be offered. In such cases, palliative care is necessary to mitigate the suffering of the patient and their families.

Key message
Early detection in order to improve the prognosis and survival of breast cancer cases remains the cornerstone of the fight against this cancer.

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