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How to choose the best swimming goggles?

Goggles are now a common accessory in the backpacks of swimmers of all levels, no matter where they practice. That said, we tell you which goggles are ideal for you.

Where do you train? Do you do your training in the pool or in the sea? If you swim in a pool, is it outdoors or indoors? If you do your training at sea or outdoors, our recommendation is that you purchase a pair of polycarbonate goggles with polarized lenses.

Check out the models and choose your favorite design:


    With a simple, secure release button that allows for quick and easy strap adjustment, the unibody design of the LGSHDM is ideal for male and female swimmers. In addition to highly reflective mirror lenses that create eye-catching color statements, this product also includes comfortable frameless construction and durable hypoallergenic silicone gaskets.
    All polycarbonate lenses include full UVA/UVB protection.
    For people over 16 years old

    Lightweight and streamlined, Vesi's watertight construction includes DuraFit silicone gaskets, wide peripheral range and speed adjustment technology for easy on and off.


    Inspired by the unique nest-like architecture of Beijing's 2008 Olympic Stadium, the LGNST eyewear frame features an innovative grid-shaped construction that sets it apart from competitors. Ideal for both male and female athletes, the LGNST features a unique body design and wide peripheral range.

    Equipped with embedded anti-fog, these latex-free swim goggles also retain clarity without the need for traditional anti-fog spray application, making them a great choice for triathlons, open water, and training.

    All polycarbonate lenses include full UVA/UVB protection.

    For people over 16 years old

If you are interested in TYR goggles, don't think twice. Here you can get them.

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