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Zombie Racing

Running has been so widely accepted that there are more and more races around the world. The topics are very varied, as well as the themes and dynamics. Although the most recognized and prestigious races are Spartan Race , Ragnar Trail or the consecrated IRONMAN , there are many others that have become popular among people who, in addition to exercising a little, want to have fun and give a joking touch to this race. entertaining activity in itself.

Such is the case of the zombie races (and walks) that take place around the world, some with many more attendees than others, but all just as fun.

The Zombie Fun (Lancaster, PA)

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This route takes you through several rides, already famous in themselves, such as the Haunted Hayride, The Horrifying Den of Darkness Haunted Mansion and the Creepy Backwoods of The Nocturnal Wasteland, which are houses of terror that are regularly “strollable”. In this circuit you will have to run, jump, climb and crawl over natural and artificial obstacles while you fight your way through packs of hungry zombies.

Each runner will receive a belt with 3 flags on it; Each flag represents a life. The objective is to protect these lives from zombies. If you can cross the finish line with at least one life remaining, you have "survived." Crossing the finish line with no flags remaining means you have been "infected." This is not a timed event and all runners receive a medal at the finish line.

Six Flags Zombie Run (Lake George, New York)

This Zombie Run is not only a zombie-infested 5K race through an amusement park, but also a fundraiser, with a portion of the proceeds going back to the American Red Cross to help in their life-saving mission.

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Before the race, they are given a flag belt that must be tied around their waist and worn with a flag on each side of their hips and a flag on their lower back. These flags represent your lives. Your goal is to finish the race with at least 1 life flag. The zombie's goal is to take its own life and perhaps a limb or two. Just like in a video game, once all 3 lives are gone, you "die". Even if you lose all three lives, you will still be able to complete the course and receive an official Zombie Run 5K and finisher medal.

Beach Zombie Race and Emergency Preparedness. (California)

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This race was designed so that public safety officials could reach out to people in a fun way and educate them on what to do in emergencies and, in the process, get them outdoors and active.

In addition to the race, many public officials and volunteer groups have come together to offer educational and fun exhibits for you and your family.

They have two race modes in which you can choose between 5km of inclined hills or 2km flat which are perfect for beginners and/or those just looking for a walk:

After the race, participants can go to some booths where they will learn some things that could help them survive the next zombie apocalypse (or other disasters).

Marché des Zombies de Montreal

It's not a race, but we couldn't let the Montreal zombie walk go unnoticed, where every year on St Cathrine, one of the main streets in the center of this city, a large number of friendly living dead gather and surprise us every year. with your creativity. Zombies Walk is the show in which thousands of participants “march” in the center of the Canadian city in a horrible and fun atmosphere!


What zombie race do you dare to participate in?

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